GIA (“GIA” or “the Company”), a leading tech-enabled property consultancy specialising in rights of light, daylight and sunlight, wind analysis, as well as building surveying, measured survey and neighbourly matters.

GIA is an established business, with over 130 employees and offices spanning the UK and Republic of Ireland (London, Manchester, Belfast, Dublin and Bristol). Its CEO, Sam Wallis, is supported by a team of highly qualified specialists.

Growth drivers

Growth Drivers
Buy and build International expansion Organic

London, Manchester, Belfast, Dublin and Bristol

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Growth drivers
Buy and build, international expansion, organic

We look forward to partnering with Lonsdale as we plan for expansion and build out our capabilities. As we enter this next stage of our journey, we will be able to harness the power of innovation, which has always been at GIA’s core, to develop into fast-growing, and increasingly important areas of the low carbon energy transition including solar and wind developments.Sam Wallis, CEO at GIA


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