Lonsdale invested in OEG Offshore, then called Containental Offshore, in 2008.  John Heiton was installed as the new CEO.  The Company provided specialised cargo carrying containers for offshore oil and gas platforms and was headquartered in Aberdeen.  The containers were manufactured mainly in China.

Following Lonsdale’s investment the Group’s revenues and profits grew significantly.  A subsidiary was established in Singapore and major new markets were opened up in South-East Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

Lonsdale exited in 2012 which provided a return of over 4x.

Growth drivers

Growth Drivers
Buy and build International expansion Organic

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Growth Drivers Information
Organic (Expansion of service offering), Internationalisation


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Lonsdale invested in OEG, then called Containental Offshore, in 2008. Thereafter, they provided their M&A experience and support as we expanded the group into Asia, Africa and North America. They provided us with capital, sufficient to scale up rapidly our rental fleet. And most important of all, they let Management manage, and were keen to react quickly when needed. The business grew rapidly in revenues and profit under Lonsdale’s involvement which resulted in a successful sale in 2012 to another supportive owner.John Heiton, CEO