Mobility Group comprises two businesses: Mobility and the add-on acquisition Cassellie. There are favourable dynamics driving the market which include: a growing aged population; a desire to remain in the home for longer; government cuts to state-run care homes and an increased availability in the finances required to make such modifications.

Consequently, the Company has seen strong growth in recent years. With Lonsdale’s investment and wider support, Mobility Group intends to grow organically, developing its marketing capacity as well as its network of affiliates. There is also the potential for growth via further acquisitions.


Growth drivers

Growth Drivers
Buy and build International expansion Organic

Head Office

Company website

Company website

The business has grown materially since Lonsdale’s investment in 2016. The business faced some initial challenges which is not uncommon for a high revenue growth business, but Lonsdale have been supportive and pragmatic throughout. We could not ask for a better partner, and we are looking forward to working with them as the business continues to grow.Jeremy Ling, Mobility Group CEO


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