Avalon is one of the largest and the most highly rated providers of funeral plans in the UK.  It also provides funeral plans in Europe, mainly to UK expatriates.

Lonsdale invested in 2012 when funeral plans were sold mainly by home visits using leads from customer surveys.  The plan for the business was to grow its B2B presence and also improved its digital capability.

The management team is led by Susan Stevenson, focusing strongly on customer service. It is the top rated funeral plan provider in the UK.

Growth drivers

Growth Drivers
Buy and build International expansion Organic

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Growth Drivers information
Organic (Sales funnel improvements), Internationalisation

The pre paid funeral plan industry has gone through a period of significant change in recent years. Lonsdale has been a strong partner throughout as we have grown and been recognised as the best provider of funeral plans in the UK. The Lonsdale team are engaged and supportive of Management and take a pragmatic and long term view that works for customers and business growth. Our partnership was key to trading successfully through the challenges of the pandemic and as we prepare for future regulation by the FCA.Susan Stevenson, CEO, Avalon Funeral Plans


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